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Recording, Voice Over , Mixing and Mastering duties as well as tailored productions and songwriting days. I work with people at all stages in their musical career from beginers to some of the most celebrated artists in Australia. 

My studio utilises a mix of world class analogue hardware and a huge selection of software including Universal Audio's outstanding range of plugins.

My main goal is to keep my working environment relaxed and stress free to make sure that each artist I work with is able to give their best performance and feel creatively free to try new ideas. 


For enquiries & bookings please contact me via phone or email. Thank you.

Ph: +61 (0) 421 209 925



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gear List


Universal Audio Apollo 8                          Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Referencing Headphones

Vintech 273 Stereo Preamp + EQ                               Avantone Mixcube Refference Monitors

Dangerous Music D-Box Analogue Summing Mixer                             Mojave MA-200 Microphone

Rupert Neve Portico ii Master Bus Processor                                  Komplete Ultimate 10

Dangerous Music Bax EQ                                                Universal Audio UAD Plugins 

Genelec 8351A Studio Monitors with SAM Technology                                    Waves Mercury

Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone                                       Protools & Ableton Live